Monday, January 24, 2011

The Desert Bar

(‘Boomerville’/Quartzsite) The Desert Bar,  Parker, Arizona, approximately 45 mile drive from Boomerville, was our destination for Sunday.   Paul and Sharon climbed in the jeep with us just before 10am and we lined up with about a dozen other vehicles to caravan in to the desert.

Click on the link above for the interesting history of this bar which puts a whole new meaning to being ‘off grid’ with absolutely no hook in to modern society, generating their own electricity, pumping their own water, etc.,


You can see the large farm of solar panels as you enter.  The square towers are for cooling.  They work similar to swamp coolers used out here except they don’t have fan.  When they keep the pads on top, cool air falls and you get a nice airflow.




They are only open on weekends but this time of year serve a variety of sandwiches to the hundreds that visit. 







The food was really good.  We all had the open faced beef tri-tip sandwiches covered with onions and peppers.


Even the bathrooms were unique…. definitely a room with a view!   The faucets were small pumps over iron basins.


There are multiple bar areas.  With the weather just perfect this weekend, there were lines everywhere.  To have a seat and a table was to be envied.


Molly and Bob, Donna and Keith, and a group from the Escapees main camp arrived awhile after we did and joined us.  We were all seated in the lower level shown below with our table sort of taking on an L-shape as more and more folks joined.  In this picture you can get a feel for some of the more recent improvements made, the covered bridge and the ‘chapel’ in the background.  There is not nearly enough parking area for this January crowd with cars parked a long way down the dirt road.  There were a lot of patrons coming in on ATV’s and over steeper 4 wheeler routes.


At 1pm the entertainment began.  They have multiple stages and we had picked the lower level stage area since that was not where they were performing, allowing us to hear the music but since do what Escapees do best, shoot the breeze!

Like Paul, we particularly like bands like this, with a focus on horns and sax.


Again, everything is powered by solar, so their are huge inverters on the back of these stages to support the band equipment.




Paul and Sharon got this shot of Ken and I in front of the chapel before we headed out.




The guys wanted to get back to see part of the play off games.  With a little more patience they were able to get the Lenhard’s satellite set up which was necessary since we we don’t have network channels on our set up.

It was yet another day of enjoying new experiences with a great group of RV friends.  For us the 90 miles round trip was definitely worth it to see such an interesting place.

Hugs, C


JB said...

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun down there in Boomerville.

Leno said...

How fun..

Chuck-Kathy said...

What fun, everything new and exciting.