Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oklahoma City to Amarillo

After eating out two nights in a row, I was up at 7 a.m. to get my 45 minutes of Nordic Track in.  The pups took the opportunity to take my place in bed by Ken to watch the morning news and drink coffee.

We just did cereal for breakfast so we could pack up and be on the road by 10am, saying good-bye to the skyline of Oklahoma City as we headed down I-35, then off to I-40.


I’ve been really pleased with my access to the internet via PDAnet on my little netbook attached to my EVO android.  I was able to get up-to-date on Facebook and blogs and update our RV Park Reviews. I even got to spend a little time instant messaging with our nephew, Joe, in Iraq.  Ken liked the idea of a good burger for supper  like the restaurant our friend Netters had recommended but really likes a beer with his burger so I did some research on Amarillo burger joints that served beer.  At the same time we were using the phone as our GPS and as our camera.  (All the pictures in this blog were taken with my phone, not our camera.)   I even used the phone  make a call once!

We were at our destination, Oasis RV Park, on the west side of Amarillo, by 3pm. Once again, online friends appear to have recommended a great stop.  While this RV Park is not our ‘it’ factor since we really are in to more natural surroundings, it is our ‘it’ factor for a one or two day stop since it is an easy pull-thru, very clean, convenient to sights, shopping and restaurants, and has full hookups at a reasonable price.


They seem to have the full gamut of amenities, although we really aren’t going to spend much time in the park. 

The park is all concrete and asphalt, flat and good for dog walks.  It is very sparsely populated right now.  They apparently have very good pizza and a full bar offering at the club house.  However, as I mentioned, we were already on the hunt for a great burger.  

I noticed that we passed a place that I’d found on the internet rated as the #1 burger in Amarillo.  The restaurant called, Blue Sky, was nearby and according to the website served beer so our decision was made.  Below you see Ken after we pulled up next to the mural on the side of an otherwise non-descript building.


The menu is not extensive but Blue Sky makes a point on everything being very fresh.   You simply order from the counter and then wait for your number to be called.  It’s a really comfortable, friendly, low key atmosphere.


Ken and I both did double cheeseburgers, an order of french fried jalapeños (because we’d never tried these before) an order of onion rings, a beer and a wine. This turned out to be a massive quantity of food for $27.  The food was amazing.  Hands down I think this is the best burger I’ve ever had. 

Ken puts it at a tie with the moon burgers from Moonshine, IL  which have been touted CBS Sunday Morning as the best burger in America. 




Since I’d found two top-notch restaurants in two days using my phone, Ken decided it was time to take my lead and download the Trip Advisor app to his phone!  I also use the Urbanspoon app but I don’t give him all my secrets at once!   From what I’ve seen these apps work great in urban areas where there are 100’s of reviewers.  In small communities, I prefer just asking around or just looking for the little restaurant with the most cars outside!










We decided to take the outer roads back to the RV park.  Then, suddenly the jeep was just sucked in to Cavender’s Boot City.  You see for we Midwesterners, a store the size of Walmart, filled with cowboy boots is a tourist attraction.  It almost turned out to be an expensive sightseeing tour since Ken found any number of boots calling his name. 


I must admit I heard my name called a few times over by some really nice leather purses!  We did, however, escape unscathed (but Ken reminded me we will have to drive back by twice on the way to and from our destination tomorrow!).

There also happened to be a Gander Mountain on the way back.  We had an actual need that could be met there. Our collapsible cooler had sprung a leak and this is an item we tend to use a great deal on our outings or even when travelling across the RV park for happy hour.  Gander’s had a nice replacement that folds up in to a nice little package taking little storage space. It will probably get put to use as early as tomorrow to take lunch on our adventure in to Palo Duro Canyon.

So now we’re back and its time for dog walks and ‘Bedtime for Bonzo’…

Hugs, C

PS.  I’m also using my phone as my Kindle right now for my bedtime reading right now since Ken is using the real Kindle to read Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl Who”… novels that I’ve already finished.  What’s particularly cool is that Kindle syncs your books between the two devices so it knows which page you are in no matter which device you pick up to continue reading.  I’m so glad I quit working in IT so I could have time to learn all these fun ways to use technology!!


Hembree said...

I'm glad you quit that I can steal all the cool tips you come up with!

Myrddin said...

We went to Palo Duro Canyon 3 or 4 years ago when we were in that area and really liked it.

Don't know if I'd want to take the MH down into the Canyon like some people do though.