Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hanging Around Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort

(El Centro, CA) Yes, we are coloring in the calendar of states as we move the rig farther and farther west.

On Wednesday, having found an RV park to call home in California, we decided to take it slow and have mostly an ‘at home’ day.

After coming off a week on the desert, Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort.


The grounds are very well kept and the main club house appears to be almost new.


I spent a little time enjoying the sun with a book by the pool. The hot tub was not too hot and the pool was not too cold so I’d say they are being pretty attentive to those kinds of details.


The crowd here seemed to be a little younger, maybe because there are more outdoor attractions here such as golf and swimming.


There are a lot of Canadians in this park and some have a great sense of humor as you can see from their use of their snow shovel on the right here. I love the phrase ‘Lest we Forget!”

The landscaping here is a combination of desert cactus, flowering shrubs, palms and fruit trees hung heavy with oranges and grapefruit right now.


One of the things that some folks complain about here but we really enjoy is the fact that we are next door to a NAF El Centro , winter home of Blue Angels, a test/practice facility for a variety of aircraft. While we saw some pretty interesting formations, it was never when I had the camera.



We were not completely lazy all day. We took a trip in to El Centro to wash the jeep and to try out a recommended Italian restaurant, Cicinelli’s. This is a third generation little Italian restaurant with some really great offering at reasonable prices. The had an alfredo salad that was amazing. I really never considered serving cold alfredo noodles with lettuce or combining Italian and Ranch dressing but this was good stuff.

While Ken was working outside on the RV a man went by selling steaks and seafood out of his truck. He and Ken got to talking and found out that he went to school near our hometown, at my alma mater, Western Illinois University. Of course, we ended up doing steaks on the grill for supper!

That’s in for now. Tomorrow I’ll catch up with our visit to the Slabs. Until then I’ll leave with another shot of the signs in front of the various lots in this park, one that really fits the place!


Yes, Life is Beautiful!

Hugs, C

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Debbie Goode said...

Looks like a fab place for relaxing in the warm sun!