Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quiet Day, Well Except for the Hissing!

(Rodeo, NM) Wouldn’t you know it!  We plan a down day and I wake up before sunrise!

Well that’s not all bad since I was able to get this picture of the sunrise over Rusty’s RV Ranch.




Ken decided to take a walk up to the office to chit-chat and the dogs had to stay behind since no pets are allowed inside the buildings.  The picture to the left is there to mark a milestone.  Ditka’s hips have now gotten strong enough that with some real effort and concentration, based on the need to find out where Dad went, he can jump up on the chair.




We spent a quiet morning. I did my Nordic Track listening to a DVR’d Daily Show while Ken figured out that the small puddle below the motorhome was due to a lose hose by the water pump.   The dogs got in a couple of nice walks to the dog park and along the way Ken got to know our neighboring RV, a couple here from British Columbia, Canada.

After a lunch of leftovers, we took a ride toward Rodeo to the Chiricahua Desert Museum.






The museum is almost entirely devoted to reptiles.  Not exactly my thing, well except, for turtles – I love turtles.  Turtles are our totem – pacifists who believe in taking their home with them!





Besides a really nice gift shop that has a awesome selection of travel and animal identification books, the museum is one part glass encased exhibits….


and another viewing room with live reptiles.


There was this Baja Blue Rock Lizard,





….and a far larger variety of these nasty looking rattle snakes than I enjoyed being around.  It was kind of neat though when one got upset at a little girl by the glass and started hissing and rattling at her.




I preferred the much less intimidating little critters like this green Rat Snake.


The museum was not a ‘must see’ though we did spend a lot of time there and it was worth the $3 entry fee for the educational value and break in our day.  We really enjoyed talking to the folks that pulled up in the 5er.  They are Canadians who look to be about Ken and my age, but have two twin 10-year-old daughters they are home-schooling while spending a good portion of their education time on the road travelling the continent.  These delightful little girls were very bright and outgoing and were really in to learning everything they could in this environment – very impressive. 

Ken and I came back to the rig for awhile, took a walk, did some time on the computer and then headed back to rodeo for dinner.    We had been told in talking with the curator at the museum that the place to eat switches from the Rodeo Cafe in the day to the Rodeo Tavern at night.  She was right.



This very local-looking tavern doesn’t appear to have an every day menu but four or five different offerings each night.  I had the shrimp and Ken had the beef brisket sandwich.  Both were top notch.

This is a VERY laid back place where I think we were the only persons who did not know everyone else, and yet, everyone was very friendly.  You’d like it if you like very low key corner taverns and the kind of food you find there.  We enjoyed it thoroughly and would go back to try offering on the other evenings if we were staying longer.

When I got back to the RV I found Facebook messages that some RV friends will be visiting Bisbee, AZ tomorrow about the time we are driving through so we are going to try to get on the road a bit earlier tomorrow in hopes of being able to cross paths with them.    We love the folks that are part of this lifestyle and how, more and more, when we say ‘see ya down the road’, it really happens!

Hugs, C


Gin and Syl said...

It's good to see that Ditka is doing much better. I've seen more than my share of sunrises during the past 27 years at work. I'll just enjoy the sunsets when we get on the road. Safe travels...

Frerx Adventures said...

Hey Syl!
I understand about the sunrises! You deserve to miss those and focus on the sunsets which are every bit as breath-taking all across this country of ours, as you and Gin will soon be seeing...and you will have plenty of time to just sit and appreciate them!
Looking forward to seeing you again in April!
Hugs, C