Monday, January 10, 2011

Deming, NM to Rodeo, NM

For such a short trip, it seemed to be an expensive one!

Since we were headed out of civilization for awhile we decided we needed to be sure our fuel tanks were filled.  We topped off the jeep fuel tanks for $3.199 per gallon, $33.26.  We then went through Griffin’s Propane in Deming to get that coach tank filled before leaving town and dropped $55 there with propane at $2.55 per gallon (wish this rig ran on propane!!)  Then down I-10 a bit, we dropped $198 for 58 gallons of diesel in the rig at $3.419 a gallon.  Yes, we could have probably bought a round-trip plane ticket to Yuma for that $288 but what’s the fun in that when instead we have weeks on the road seeing this beautiful American countryside and meeting so many neat people. 

Deming to Rodeo is a pretty short trip.  107 miles, but based on what I’d seen on blogs from RVers Joann and Doug and Laurie and Odel  this looked a place with our ‘it’ factor for Ken and I.  Rusty’s RV Ranch puts you up close and personal with  nature and the big sky,  away from the crowds, with  places to take the jeep and explore the backcountry.

The desert scenery with mountain backdrop along Hwy 80 heading south was beautiful and the highway was nearly deserted.


As we headed down in to the valley where we’d be staying, we encountered this sign to the right that says “Area Available for Adoption”….hmmm. 


We arrived at our destination shortly after lunchtime.


The main office is quite inviting with a small store inside and plenty of friendly folks to greet us.  Apparently Rusty is away right now with a new grandbaby being born, but her Mom and Dad were holding down the fort, and seemed the type to sincerely enjoy the work.

Rusty’s dad took the cart to lead us to our site.  As you can see  from the sign, they have lots of neat signs adding to the atmosphere.


Our site, #38, gives us lots of privacy and wonderful views of the mountains.


The pups have really lucked out again, with the ranch having a great chain link pet playground where they can do lots of romping off-leash.


We opened the windows all around the rig to let the clear 60 degree air through.  Things got a bit ugly for awhile after that when Ken could not get the TV satellite to connect.  This was VERY SERIOUS considering the BCS championship was on tonight.   The worst part was we have no cell phone service here so he had to call DirecTV from the park office which was a total waste of time.  No one else in the park has a DirecTV dish.  Ken can do without technology for awhile but no TV on the night of the biggest college football game all year --- there are limits!!  Finally, after, believe it or not, 3 hours of messing with it, ‘something’ happened and it started working.  I’m not exactly sure what it took, and I’m smart enough right now, to not ask too many questions, I’m just very relieved that I don’t have to live with this man tonight without TV.

Before beginning supper, I decided to take the dogs for a sunset walk.  I leave you with the sites of the mountains and the sunset at dusk.



Hugs, C


Leno said...

Very nice pictures.. Hope to see you soon. Have fun!

Doug & JoAnn said...

You're in our site!!!!! We were able to get a Verizon signal on our phone occasionally using our antenna. The wifi was strange.... Doug could get it perfectly from his chair but I could only get it occasionally from the table where I sit with the computer. However, if I took my computer to the window in the bedroom I could get on & then use it at the table.
Hope you enjoy it there as much as we did!

Mike and Terri said...

Cindy, I couldn't help but laugh, as I've been in your shoes plenty of times before. No TV signal during a Bulls basketball game or NASCAR race. . . it ain't pretty!

Gorgeous pictures by the way.


Frerx Adventures said...

Hey, Arlene, thanks! We have no idea about where we are going after Quartzsite but Yuma is an option. Never been to a Trader Joe's either so I want to get that in this trip--Yuma sounding better all the time!

Joann, we are getting great wifi here but even with booster not enough Sprint signal to make a call. We love your site!!

Terri, Ken got to watch his game last night so life is good! I think I'm lucky college football is over so we don't experience this again this trip!

Debbie Goode said...

I can so feel your pain...on the satellite set up. We have also had those times when we could see no logical reason why things didn't work and then "poof" there it was!