Sunday, January 16, 2011

‘Shooting the Breeze’ Benson

(Benson, AZ) Ok, my laptop has locked up and lost my blog twice in the last 2 days.  It appears to be that my PDAnet gets in an argument with some local wireless that tries to auto-connect.  So I zapped my wireless auto-connect to solve the problem. Then I picked up a phone call while using PDAnet and locked up LiveWriter again.  I will now get the hint, and save once in awhile!  So here’s the Friday blog.  If you are seeing it then at least some of my frustration has burned off!!

Friday turned out to be a ‘down day’ for us in terms of travel and exploring.  We had every intent of driving in to the west side of the mountains to the Chiricahua National Monument but we were both just enjoying sitting around here in the Saguaro SKP Co-op too much.

I was suppose to be cleaning the inside of the rig while Ken was cleaning the outside but after walking the dogs, taking a long shower and my morning coffee time with Facebook, email and blogs, I admit that not much more than doing dishes and making the bed got accomplished.  I’m assured by those more experienced though that dusting and vacuuming is pretty much a lost cause if we are headed to Quartzsite since it is a very dirty place to sit---that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!

We drove in to Benson to wash the worst of the mountain mud from the jeep and were enticed by the number of pick-ups in front of the Horseshoe Cafe, so we stopped for late afternoon lunch.  The food was good, just not a place we would drive out of our way to visit. However, the atmosphere was memorable since we had an old cowboy named Jim spend an hour shooting the breeze with Ken.  That’s a favorite past time for us so it was a very enjoyable dining experience.

We passed the beautiful Allegro Bus belong to Molly and Bob on our way back to our site and found Bob outside checking up on his generator for their trip the next day to Quartzsite and boondocking.  They invited us in and showed us around knowing that we had been toying with the idea of a Tiffin motorhome for some time now.  Before we knew it we’d spent another hour shooting the breeze with them and it was nearly time for happy hour.  Bob and Molly are the head honchos for the SKP Escapade, no small feat to organize activities of 1000 RV’s!!  We have attended Escapade the past two years and are trying to figure out how we could organize our routes after grandbaby and before October Defeated Creek, TN to be in Gillette, WY to go out help them in August.  

We were barely home long enough for a quick dog walk and organizing our happy-hour-pack before it was off again to the community room.  4pm social hour is great at this co-op.  It’s good that nearly everyone remembers their SKP name tags since there are so many great people to meet, remembering names is really tough.

Below you see resident, Mary, instructing Donna (Donna and Keith) on the fine art of milking the last drops of wine from the bottle!


On Friday nights they have community dinners and we were lucky that JoAnn and Doug had made sure to get us a pair of tickets since they only have room for about 80 folks per dinner.  We had a half bbq’d chicken, baked potatoes, beans and rolls, all for $7.50.  The food was great and it was amazing to see how quickly they were able to serve everyone. 

Ok, I’m going to finish of this blog and publish before the PC-lockup gremlins find me again!!

Hugs, C

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