Monday, January 3, 2011

Ditka and Sox Weigh in on Stitch

Hi, this is Sox.


Thanks to all of you who left such nice comments here and on Facebook in regard to Mom’s last blog announcing the coming of the first grandchild.  Grandchild is a brand new word to us that I’m still trying to figure out.

If you haven’t read yesterday’s blog, they are referring to this grandchild at ‘Stitch’.  





I mention that because my reason for sneaking online here is to respond to a comment from our dear buddy, Lisa, from Carthage, TN. 


Lisa wrote:

Dear Ditka and Sox,
Come July your lives are going to change. A little interloper, named Stitch, is going to start stealing a lot of your humans you two come live with me! I will spoil you rotten, and if they are nice, Ken and Cindy can come visit you!
Congratulations all!!! What a wonderful way to start a new year!!!

Dear Lisa,

Sox here!  I have tried to convince Ditka that we should take you up on your offer.  I’m hearing about this Stitch and really don’t understand how this is all suppose to work. 


The only Stitch I know is a feisty fluffy purple alien we’ve seen on DVD.  This arrival is making everyone in our family happy???…just look at him!  He has nephew-puppy King’s teeth and nephew-puppy Staley’s ears!!  Oh my….


I’ve heard Stitch referred to as a ‘new addition’ for Trevor and Leah.  The last new addition they had was our nephew-puppy, King, who Trevor and later Leah’s mom had dumped on them when once again a college student got a puppy they weren’t ready to care for. 




While King has definitely become one much-adored and silver-spoon furkid,  I’m not super keen on any family member that looks at me like a snack. 





When Kyle and Jenni had a ‘new addition’ , it was nephew-puppy, Staley, and if this next new addition is like Staley, well I’m worn out just thinking about it. 





I really become exhausted when there’s constantly someone pouncing on me trying to get me to play.  Staley is relentless and won’t even take a good growl or snap as a hint.  Let’s face it, I’m nearly 50 in human years, and just not interested in hour long wrestling  matches.


  If Stitch is a ‘new addition’ like these last two, please, Lisa, send plane tickets now!!

Well, just writing these words  to this point got me all riled and I started my nervous routine of pacing in circles.  Ditka decided it was time for a long talk with me. 


You see Ditka is what Mom call’s an ‘old soul’. 

She says that you can tell looking in to his eyes that he was born with a wisdom of many lives.  I know that because he often has to take me aside and impart some wisdom to his easily unnerved little sister.







According to Ditka, I should be considering Stitch a good thing.  For one thing he says Stitch will be human baby, not a purple alien and that human babies  aren’t born with sharp teeth, and don’t start pouncing for at least a year after they are born.  And apparently, human babies bring home with them even bigger doses of love than puppies do (hard to imagine!!).  This was another thing I had been concerned about.  When they start using phrases for this new arrival like ‘precious little one’, well, those words are usually reserved for me and I’m not interested in having any other cuddle-size hug-magnets in the house stealing all my attention.  So, when you used the word, ‘interloper’, well, Lisa, that seemed to fit pretty well what I’ve been thinking.

Ditka said I needed a lesson on how human love worked and that I had plenty of examples around me every day.  For example, when Kyle brought Jenni in to the house, she was cuddle-size, like me, but it certainly didn’t mean anybody cuddled me any less.  In fact, Jenni, just added to the number of people Ditka and I could count on for cuddles. Kyle, Mom and Dad all had the same amount of love for Ditka and me, but they just grew a bunch of extra love to give Jenni.  Then when Leah came, Ditka reminded me how concerned I was when Trevor teased her about being raised a princess.  You see, I am the princess in this house!  But still, when Leah came, I realized she was a super puppy lover and everybody grew even more love to share with her while she was showering plenty on us furkids.   So now, apparently this new little human puppy---oops, they call them babies--- is suppose to bring in to the family the most love of all.  That one thing will make it all worthwhile, he thinks, because when we furkids feel all that love energy swishing around in the family it almost feels as good as a good scratch behind the ears. 

Ditka also explained that Lisa is right about there being a lot of changes coming with Stitch.  Apparently we will be travelling much more often to Chicago.  Also he has warned me that he and I will be expected to be on our very best behavior around Stitch. Sniffing is ok, but no jumping, barking or licking.  Ditka will really have to work on that licking part.  He just seems to have to want to get a lick of every good thing around him, especially humans.

So, Lisa, Ditka has convinced me that we need to stick it our with our humans and see how this whole Stitch thing works out.  So long as I can still be the family princess and continue to get my fair share of cuddle time, I think we can make this thing work.  You might want to keep some room at the foot of your bed though, just in case, since with all the love energy we felt from your family, its a pretty tempting offer!!

Lovin’ Licks,


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Anonymous said...

Dear Pups,

I agree, you will have to give this small human a chance. My big boy Hoban was such a gentle creature with Rick when Rick was a small baby. I know that you both will love and protect Stitch. Babies are so helpless when they first come into the world that you'll have to take gentle care of him or her. Of course, they are also pretty fast when they start crawling, so be on your lookout for that day! The offer still stands, if you need a place to hang out, we'll go to Defeated and you can have the run of the place...I'll even let your humans come too! I hope that you'll bring Stitch with you sometime! Wouldn't that be fun?

Nose kisses,