Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Should Be RVing

Should be out in the RV! The weather here has started to warm up even though there is the possibility of snow on Saturday night. We have been in the 50's or better during the day and in the 30's at night for the last two weeks now. I have not gotten the RV ready for use yet because Cindy is in England this week. She left Saturday and I will drive to St. Louis on this coming Saturday to pick her up. Last week, before she left, it was really hectic. Trevor was home on spring break, it was mom's birthday, and Kyle was home both weekends. There is always laundry to do and extra cooking to do when they are here. It is always nice to see them and I enjoy cooking for them and their girlfriends when they stop by.

This is our first flower of this spring! The tulips are growing and the grass is starting to grow. We had a few spring storms roll through recently. I always know when the weather is about to change because Sox lets me know!

The stronger the storm or the stronger the wind blows the more anxious Sox gets! If it is a mild weather front coming through she will sit between my legs if I'm standing or she will sit next to me if I'm sitting. If it is a strong weather front coming through...oh my ...she can not sit still and will try to climb all over you. If it is night time and you are sleeping she will wake you by walking over your face and trying to climb on top of your head. The only place to get any peace when she is like that is to go to the basement. She seems to settle down when she gets there. Maybe, she is a lot smarter than we give her credit for!

Just a little rain coming!

Earlier this year we noticed that a squirrel had built a nest behind chimney. He had piled leaves between the chimney and the up sloping roof and the side of the house. He had really pick out a nice spot for a nest. On a nice Saturday we decided to remove the nest before it created water problems. Cindy had decided that the squirrel would attack me in order to protect its' nest. In anticipation of this attack she decided that the best thing to do was to get the camera so that she would have a record of the squirrels' attack. Me, I would have thought that a cell phone with 911 dialed and ready to send would have been a better option. After discussing weather the squirrels' attack would be like the one in Caddy Shack or if the incident would look more like a scene from The Three Stooges, I climbed the ladder with my weapon of choice (a rake). To my dear wife's great disappointment, and to my relief the squirrel was nowhere around!

Anticipation! Is he there are is he gone!

My weapons of choice is good and the squirrel is gone! I'll take a rake against a squirrel's' nest anytime.

In the room over the garage we have a large closet that is lined with shelves. Over the years we have loaded those shelves with books and the remainder of the closet was used for out of season clothes. Recently we decided it was time to clean out this closet. After sorting many of the books and clothes were given away.

Sorting through the National Geographic.

While cleaning out that closet we got some of our summer clothes ready for the warmer weather. My warm weather wardrobe includes my summer shoes. They are comfortable and easy to get on and off.

On the top left are my formal shoes, they replace the black and white ones that were my formal shoes. Then there is dark plaid for wear with blue jeans, light plaid for khaki shorts, blue stripes for back up or when they might be appropriate.

I should be RVing if all I have to write about are canvas shoes!

Later this week I plan to start getting the RV ready. While sitting in storage I can clean the interior, check the tires and batteries, and those types of things, but I need to get it to the house to flush the water systems and restock the kitchen and closets.

I almost forgot to mention that I signed up to be a guinea pig. There is a research project using Crohn's patients that have not responded to other treatments. I first read about this on the Internet and found out that it was going on in England. With a little more research I found a place in St. Louis that was doing this research. This research project uses stem cell as a possible treatment for crohn's disease. Now back-off all you anti science, make up your own history, ultra conservatives out there! Stem cell research DOES NOT INVOLVE KILLING BABIES! Stem cell research can and does use adult human stem cells and they don't even have to kill the donors to get the stem cells. The research project involves receiving intravenous infusions for the treatment of crohn's. One group will get a placebo, another will get a half dose, and the last group will get a full dose of the stem cells. The experiments in England were getting some surprising results. Within two weeks 50% of the patients that got the good stuff were greatly improved. I won't know for awhile if they accept me or not, but if they do maybe I'll get lucky!

I should be RVing!

Ken F.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Visit to Mom's

My mother is 92 years old and does fairly well for her age. I don't know what to call the living arrangement at the building where she lives. She has her own apartment but needs to walk to the dinning room to get her meals. (That's about as far as she can walk). There is no nursing care. My sister Mary stops in at least once a day to check on her, set out her meds, and to do laundry. The rest of us stop by to she her when we can. (I have six sisters and three brothers, some are in town and some not).

On my last stop there, I caught her on a bad day. Her mind is slipping and some days are better than others. After talking awhile I realized this was not a good day to talk. So, I turned on the TV and looked for her favorite show: Bonanza! Of course it wasn't on so I tuned in another show that I knew she watched: Beverly Hill Billies. You know the show: Jed goes out to shoot some supper and up comes a bubbling brew! Anyway, we watched the last few moments of one show before the next one started. When the show started again she commented that the people on the show had not aged at all! Whoa! Was she serious? Oh yes she was because she wanted to know how old those people were now. Anyway, we watched the show and as the next one started, of course Jed went out to shoot some supper and up came a bubbling brew, at that point she asked how many times a day Jed had to go out and do that!

As I walked out to the jeep, all I could do was shake my head. I had to laugh at her comments but it is also sad to see her not understanding.

Ken F

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