Monday, May 21, 2012

April and May 2012

2012,  the year the Mayan Calendar ends and the year of the start of a new age…..  Some believe it is the end of the world as we know it.  Me, I think the little guy got tired of writing and found a good place to stop. Too many good things are happening to have a bad ending.  We had visits from friends and family, the roses are blooming, and we are back in the RV.



In late April, Jim and Dee were in the St Louis area and made the drive to Hannibal to visit Ed and Marilyn.  They invited me to visit also.  The first picture is Ed and Marilyn’s new rig.  As most of you know,  they had a fire that destroyed their previous one.  They were unscathed but their rig was a total loss.  Happily, Ed had bought good insurance and they were able to replace the old rig with this new one. That’s Ed and Marilyn in the middle picture followed by Dee and her mom in the last picture.  I had appointments that day, so before lunch was finished, I had to leave.  But the next day both Cindy and I were able to get together with Jim and Dee and Dee’s mom.


We met Jim and Dee and Mom in Bowling Green MO. as it was half way for both of us.  After a long lunch with lots of fun and talk, we discovered a store in Bowling Green that makes it’s own chocolates.  Bankhead Chocolates has a huge variety of chocolates displayed in cabinets that run the length of one wall wrapping around the corner to run a good distance down the back wall.  We bought lots of chocolate!!!  Good for me as Cindy was leaving again for work the next day.  Lucky me, I had them all to myself and, showing great restraint, I made them last, saving a few pieces for Cindy when she got home. (Just a few, too much chocolate is bad for you so I had to eat them to get them out of the house before Cindy got there).    

A visit from Trevor Leah and Jameson for Campbell,s baptism!


Since Trevor and Leah got in late Jameson was asleep when they got to our house.  Grandma had to wait to see and hold him until morning.



The Baptism and then photos.  Proud parents Erin and Casey with baby Campbell!  Erin is the daughter we never had and is my niece.



BJ (Erin’s brother) my nephew was one of the godparents.  Erin introduces Campbell to Jameson and Leah.


With all the pictures of Jameson I feel that we seem to neglect Leah and Trevor!  Leah and Trevor are great parents doing a fantastic job raising Jameson and creating a happy home.


On the day that they left, Jameson joined me on the patio to drink coffee and listen to the birds while Mommy and Daddy got ready for the day.


IMG_5276  IMG_5277

Last blog I mentioned that I cleaned up the rose area of the yard, now the roses are starting to bloom.  They look good now but I saw the start of leaf blight and began spraying.  However, I will not be home for a month so I might lose them again.

Last but not least,  we celebrated Mothers Day.  Kyle and Jenni came for a visit bearing flowers.  Trevor and Leah gave Cindy Vera Bradley bags.  I bought a new grill and Cindy claimed it!  We also went to “the hills”,  where my family has celebrated Mothers Day for more than forty years.  Attendance has greatly declined this year with the death of my mother, but it was still a good time.  


Nice grill Cindy!

Now I have the RV in Carlinville while remodeling Kyle and Jenni’s bathroom.   It is nice to be back in a state park amongst the trees! We are a hour closer to St Louis here so it is easier for Cindy to get here on weekends!