Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Love it … Hate it

You got to love the fall!  The grass lands are subtle shades of purple and beige, the shrubs are bright reds, the trees are blazing yellows, oranges mixed with greens and browns all under brilliantly clear blue sky. You got to love it! 

But the leaves won’t stay on the trees! What a waste of time and energy … raking leaves … argh!!!  Hate it!  We have a small lot but have 18 trees or big shrubs that all drop their leaves.  Do they drop their leave at the same time? Oh no that would be too easy!  The decorative trees are done, the hard maples half done, soft maple will go on for months, oaks won’t get good start till December, Mulberry trees are just starting now…. If the leaves would just stay on the trees!!!   

Don’t get me wrong, I planted most of the trees in the yard and love them all but one.  Love the trees, I could be a tree hugger if the need arose!  But the leaves!  Halloween day I raked a small area in the front yard and had leaves piled head high under one tree!  Today I ran the mulcher over the yard several times.  Now more leaves are falling.  Where is that 50 mph wind when you need it!

Where is the best fall color?

I seen the fall colors in Colorado, Ozarks, Upstate New York and all along the Mississippi River, it is all good! But the best I’ve seen was in the north east corner of Alabama in the Desoto State Park and Little River Canyon area.  The water falls, rocks, tree colors just gorgeous!  I looked for pictures because I took a lot, but can not find them.   If you search “Desoto” in top left corner of the blog you can see several pictures.  These pictures  are pre Picasa so are un touched!  The amazing thing about the fall colors was that the locals that we talked too all said that it was not a good year because it had been too dry and color was sometimes brighter and  the waterfalls were not running as strong as usual!